How long can cats go without food?

All of us know that cats are resilient animals, and sometimes or the other, you must have heard of cats who would believe to be lost but return to home after days or even after a week, have seemingly survived on their own during the whole time.

While on the other side, some cats may decide to turn their nose at their usual food, thus refusing to eat it. In such a situation, you might wonder how long can a cat survive without food; through this article, you will get detailed information regarding how long cats can go without food.

How long can a feral cat go without eating

it’s a very interesting question for all car lovers to ponder if you want to know how long feral cats can go without eating. Most of the people ask as they believe that cats should have to eat for their survival. However, there are many studies done regarding this; most people think that feral cats should eat regularly for their survival.

While there is a way to figure out how long a feral cat can go without eating, it is simply by keenly observing their behavior. But being the cat owner, one will not know what’s going in their head in such a situation. You have to rely on others to provide you with all the necessary information that willsurely help you take good care of your pet.

How long can cats go without food
How long can cats go without food

Or, in case if you find your best feline friend to be Starving for every refusal to eat, then it’s your responsibility to take them to the way you vet and find out what’s wrong. At the same time, another method through which you can check is whether your pet would like to eat something else if it finds some food in your home.

At the same time, all the cat owners know very well that the cats usually like a taste of everything and anything. Hence, you could place a plate of food at the place from where your Cat would normally eat, like in the corner where you usually place their food.

Another way is to put a piece of cheese in your cat’s food might they want to eat the piece of cheese. Besides, if they don’t want to eat the cheese, you should keep it covered. Whereas you could ask an experienced vet regarding the matter of how long cats can go without food.

The vet would probably answer this question like a cat usually can go without eating a soft longer, but after that, they will also tell you about the spam of time that they firmly believe that your Cat would go without having food.

Sometimes, a vet would think that it’s a great question that How long can a feral cat go without eating to ponder upon, but on the other side, most of the time, it isn’t, so one should try to stop asking such kind of questions.

How long can a cat go without eating

While if we generally talk about how long a cat can go without eating, in most cases, ifcatswon’teatordrink, they can survive for 1 to 2 weeks with a water supply. But without protein, it might be 3 to 4 days even if they have enough water.

But with no water or food, mostly a cat could survive longer than three days. But when it comes to cats’ health, a cat that has no food even for two days will become malnourished and unwell, and in few cases, they might even require urgent veterinary care.

How long can cats go without food

However, all the cats required regular food and a freshwater supply to live a healthy and happy life.

But you should not assume that in case if it’s necessary, then your Cat will be able to fend for themselves and will be able to catch their food. Most domestic cats can successfully hunt and catch mice, birds, squirrels, and various other small animals, but on the other side, not all cats have enough skills to find their food.

Various domestic cats often become accustomed to being fed several times, and for instance, if this doesn’t happen, they will not seek an alternative food source.

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How many days can cats go without water?

Generally, speaking cats can survive on average for 3 to 4 days without water. However, the longer period they go without water, they will become more dehydrated, leading to various serious health issues and complications that eventually lead them to death.

But in few cases, cats have been known to survive quite well over a week without having even a single drop of water.

As a cat lover, feeding or giving water to your best feline friend is quite easy as all you need to do is keep their food and water at the place from where they can conveniently have it, and your pet will eat and drink it when they like to.

But being a cat lover, have you ever wonder How long can cats go without water? But none of us ever wanted to test this out on our pet as it can be quite a head-scratcher.

There may be several reasons if you are curious about how long a cat can go without water; for this, you need to read more detailed information about How long a cat can go without eating.

Through this, you will come to know exactly How many days cats can go without water and what sort of complications it might cause to your pet.

How much water do cats require?

How long can cats go without food
How long can cats go without food

For instance, if you think more about it, then the first question that comes to your mind is, how much water do cats require? Well, you just need to leave about a bowl full of water for your best feline friend.

She will drink when she feels thirsty, but have you ever wondered how much water your Cat required? Hence, how much water intake does a cat requires usually depends on several factors.

But you can know whether they are getting enough water or not by observing your Cat and by looking for some signs.

Given below is a list of some useful information regarding the required water intake for Cat.

  • The requirement of water for a cat mainly depends on the size of the Cat. Smaller or younger cats usually require less water as compared to bigger or older cats.
  • The kind of food you feed your pet is also another major factor. If you feed your Cat only with dry cat food, they will require more water. But on the other side, if you feed them with wet or canned cat food, which is made up of 80% of water, your pet will require less water to drink.
  • On average, a cat must drink 2-4 ounces of water beside any type of food they eat.
  • If your Cat’s skin is elastic and has a shiny coat, and it’s completely free from dryness and flakes, then your Cat is getting enough water.
  • Your best feline friend remains active and doesn’t sleep all the time.
  • Your pet urinates regularly.

By carefully reading all the above points, you will come to know much water does your Cat requires; further, another important question that arises is that what will be the consequences of your Cat doesn’t drink enough water.

What will be the consequences of your Cat doesn’t drink water?

Just like human beings, cats also need to drink enough water to keep cats healthy and active. While drinking very little water might have various negative effects on a cat’s health and behavior. This, in turn, will cause you frustration, especially in cases when you don’t understand what you should do in such a situation.

  • Suppose your cat doesn’t drink enough water but remains active and frequently urinates. Then your Cat will become dehydrated. As a result, they will lose several fluids and other essential minerals it can have a detrimental effect on their health.
  • For instance, if your pet becomes too dehydrated, they might suffer from constipation, vomiting, dry gums, or even a quick heart rate.
  • Whereas, due to dehydration, your pet might become lethargic, moody, and can pant frequently.

How long can cats go without water?

Being a pet lovers, we want to give our pets the best love, care, and affection and fulfill all their basic needs, like food and water. Just imagine if you lock your Cat inside your house and you go out of town for 3 to 5 days without leaving adequate food and water for your pet?

Then the very first question that arises to your mind would be How long can cats go without food and water?

Would it perish within a day, or you can leave your pet for a week in the confidence that you come home to a happy albeit very thirsty Cat? If we see scientifically, then a house cat can only survive only for few days without water.

Until your pet has a water source available in your house, they will be able to survive even if they do not get the food. However, without water, your Cat cannot survive and will most likely die within a week because of lack of water.

Water is much more essential for cars’ health than as compared to food. Without water, a cat will experience many negative effects like a hepatic failure, and its muscle mass will catabolize and result in slow and painful death cat.

A rare house cat survives being left without water, so it’s highly advisable to leave your Cat within an ample supply of accessible food and water when you leave your Cat alone.

What can you do?

How long can cats go without food
How long can cats go without food

By reading all the above paras, you will know how long cats can go without food and water. It would be helpful for you to know what you should do in a situation when you leave your Cat at home without access to water for a few days or your Cat is not drinking water for some unknown reason.

When you get back home, most probably, you will see a quite dehydrated and angry cat. Here are few things which you can do to rectify the situation and treat your Cat well.

  • For instance, if your Cat is mildly dehydrated, you can give it a little quantity of Pedialyte after every 10 minutes for about an hour but make sure that your pet is drinking the liquid well.
  • Another thing you can do is add little warm water to your Cat’s food then, with the help of a dropper, feed it to them.
  • Else you can give them Pedialyte along with the contaminated cat food all day until you feel that your Cat is strong enough to eat their food independently.
  • But in case if your Cat vomits their food, then allowed them to lick ice chips all day.
  • If you want to encourage your cat to drink water regularly, you can opt for a cat water fountain.
  • Hence, if your Cat is suffering from severe dehydration, then it’s highly recommended to take them to the vet as soon as possible.

How long can a lost cat survive without food?

Food and water are the two most important things for any living organism. No living organism can live without these two. Any animal can easily die within 3 to 4 days if they do not find any source of water to drink. While on the other side, if there is enough water but if they don’t have access to the food, then the Cat may last quite long, but all these things depend on the number of factors and on cats health and the kind of environmental conditions they are living.

There is no doubt that cats are survival specialists because of their self-sufficiency and resiliency. Hence when it comes to food or water, certainly there is a limit. However, the Cat’s body is composed of 75% of water, which means that you can’t let the Cat suffer from dehydration at any cost. Being a cat owner, you need to make sure that there is always enough water available and food throughout the day.

To show your love towards your pet, make sure that all the time they have convenient access to water, even in adverse situations.

How can cats consume water from the food?

In most the cases, majority of cats get a lot of water from the food they consume. The majority of the domestic cats are feed on wet cat food, while the wild cats feed themself on prey animals. Most of the items that your Cat eats have enough water, which is sufficient for them.

Hence this sort of feeding gives the assumption that cats do not drink water. While all the survival antic is usually supported by the low thirst drive, the Cat has a very low desire to seek a separate water source.

Though cats can be very meticulous when it comes to the water source, most cats do not drink tap water at all.

While the ideal source of water for cats is running water while few animals in the wild avoid running water as they considered it’s poisonous.

How long can cats live without food?

If we consider a homeless cat, it will inevitably face various occasional periods where they have to see food scarcity. At the same time, the pets that you have at your home might not get enough food. However, cats get lost when they are searching for food. But the most effective cats are the domestic breed as they might not have the required skills to find the food for themselves.

Cats can stay hungry until the person assigned to pet sit the pet does not give it food at the expected time. There is a high possibility of getting food. Still, how long can cats go without food, and the answer to this question varies according to water availability and based on the individual Cat’s health?

How long can a cat live without food which is healthy?

A cat that has easy access to water can easily survive a minimum of 14 days without food. In such a situation, your Cat might suffer from dehydration that forces her to use the fat stores such as energy. Just like any other human being or animal, when we face starvation, our body used energy to keep all the body organs functional same with the cats. They also use these fat stores for the survival mechanism but at a cost.

Hepatic lipidosis is a condition which forces the liver to package the fat proteins and then supply it to the bloodstream for energy purpose. Hepatic lipidosis usually occurs when there is a lack of food to give the Cat all the required proteins. But hepatic lipidosis can be very dangerous when fat accumulates in the liver, and as a result, it can disturb all the normal liver activities.

And when this kind of situation arises, it’s a very dangerous phenomenon that can cause irreversible damages to the Cat.

Does more fat in the Cat’s body guarantee survival?

Well, it’s quite easy for everyone to assume that an obese cat will have a better rate of survival without food than a lean cat. But in a real sense, obese cats might develop various serious health issues with the liver sooner than expected.

However, an obese cat might suffer from hepatic lipidosis, which would lead to fatalities between 2 to 10 days. So in such a situation, a question arises How long can a cat go without food? Hence, the question highly depends upon the Cat’s hydration levels and their previous and current state of health.

Some implications of dehydration on healthy cats

How long can cats go without food
How long can cats go without food

We all know quite very well that sick cats and older cats are much more prone to dehydration at a much faster rate than younger and healthy cats. Given below are some of the reasons why a sick cat can usually turn into the worst patient as compared to the young and healthy Cat in a situation when there’s no availability of water source for them:

  • When cats do not drink enough water due to sickness or when they are already dehydrated
  • When your Cat is doing too much vomiting
  • Or in a situation when they are suffering from diarrhea

It will take you to read and search various scenarios to help you figure out How long cats can go without food.

But you need to consider that lack of water plays a much important role because there are various negative effects of dehydration on cats. Especially when you are dealing with meticulous Cat, you need to make sure that you already have access to the running water or make the source you have appealing.

For instance, if you need to go out for some time, then you must ensure that you have plenty of water sources for your pet available for them conveniently every time.

What factors determine the Cat’s survival in the face of hunger and dehydration?

The survival of the Cat usually depends on the pre-existing conditions, age, and health. The question of how long can cats go without food or water usually depends on the given below four factors:

  • Health state of Cat
  • Age of Cat
  • Accessibility of water to Cat
  • Current weight of the Cat

How long can cats go without eating

Being a pet lover or a cat owner, you must be worried every time your pet refuses to eat your concern is understandable. However, the loss of appetite in humans is a sign that something is not right in their body and the same thing applies to cats.

This condition can have various causes. You just need to keep your eye open and observe all the signs which your Cat is manifesting to determine whether they need to be taken to a vet or you can handle the situation.

But in most cases, it’s just a phrase that gets over after few days. A cat can just simply stop eating for several reasons, and most of them are not a cause for concern. You need to understand that if your cat has stopped eating, you should worry about something or stay calm.

So for How long can a cat go without eating? Any animal who needs to live and function properly needs to take proper nutrition. It means a cat has to eat regularly and needs to drink enough water to function properly. You should keep in mind that a cat fulfills most of their water requirement from the food they have.

Some cat owners try to keep tabs on their Cat’s intake, and in case if you notice that your pet doesn’t eat the food you give, you should check whether they are eating somewhere else. If this isn’t the case, then check whether your Cat is drinking water or not. A cat can live up to two weeks without eating

but she needs to drink water, but if the Cat is also not drinking water, then the Cat won’t be able to live for more than a few days.

Another thing to remember is that not eating for a day or two will have many negative impacts and can cause permanent damage, which might plague them for the rest of their lives.

How long can cats go without food
How long can cats go without food

Well, if your Cat is neither eating nor drinking for more than 24 to 36 hours, then you should immediately take your cat to the vet for a check-up. One of the major differences between a cat not eating and a cat not drinking water is its damage to its internal organs.

If the Cat is not eating for days, it will lose its energy and nutrients, which are essential to function. But once they start eating, they will get back to their old self.

But if a cat doesn’t drink water, it will not just fail to function but will also damage its internal organs, as water is one of the most important things required for the function of all the organs in the body. Dehydration can damage the kidney, liver, and other organs.

At the same time, extended periods without drinking water might cause these organs to develop some long-term damage and eventually cause your pet’s death.

If you are concerned, How long can a cat go without food and water then? If there is no food or water, then the very first thing which will be effective in your pet is their stomach, then the Kidneys, and then the liver, and lastly would be the heart and the brain.

However, it would cause irreparable damage to these organs. Well, if you want to know the exact days about how long cats can go without eating food Reddit, then consult with your vet.

How long can a kitten survive without food?

For most cats, the survival rate usually ranges from around 1 to 4 days, but kittens can hardly endure a maximum of one week of starvation. For instance, if you are worried about why your kitten is not eating, you should know what to do. Or you want to know How long cats can go without food.

Conditions that might lead to kitten starvation

How long can cats go without food

However, there are several reasons why kitten refuses to eat for several days. But there is one thing that is for sure: you need to do something to save your little feline friend from dying.

Like human beings, kittens are also meant to consume food to have energy and perform some activities. Given below are some of the conditions which can lead to starvation:

  • The mother is not around the kitten; there is a high possibility that a kitten was weaned too early from the mother all the mother die to shortly just after giving birth to the baby. In both cases, the kitten has no source of food. A newborn kitten cannot digest solid food, and it relies on its mother’s breast milk only to sustain itself in its early life stage. In such a situation, kittens can go without eating only for few days even though two days are very alarming, and beyond that, anything is fatal.
  • Another thing that might lead the kitten to starvation is the kitten won’t nurse. There are some situations when the mother is around. However, still, there’s a possibility that the kitten won’t nurse. One of the major reasons for this is that the mother cat rejects a specific kitten within the litter. At the same time, a kitten will fail to nurse if it’s not able to compete with its littermates in jockeying on its mum’s tummy.
  • Not able to feed, kitten having fully weaned from its litter, you should give your Cat its food. Feeding daily is considered ideal since cats eat in very small portions, but they required frequent serving.

What you should do if your kitten isn’t eating for days

To prevent starvation in your kitten, you must try to follow the measures given below.

  • Try to search for a foster mother cat. You can look for a Foster mother for kittens who are less than eight weeks old who can nurse them. For this purpose, you can take the help of your vet to search for a potential candidate.
  • You can adopt for a bottle-feeding; one can start bottle feeding as it’s one of the best options if your Cat is not eating or the mother is no longer around the kitty. Bottle feeding is a part of 4-week old kitten care and any age before the weaning age of a kitten.
  • You can consult a veterinarian if you are caring for a kitten for the very first time and it’s quite reluctant to eat or doesn’t have a mother-to-nurse, then you can consult with your vet. He will advise you regarding bottle feeding, stimulation, and all the other necessary care that you should do to keep your kitten healthy and happy. By following these measures, you can save your little kitten from dying.

How long can a cat with cancer go without food?

If your cat is suffering from cancer and you want to know How long cats can go without food with cancer, then it depends upon at which stage of cancer your Cat is and how you take care of your pet, and you are giving them proper medicines or not. Besides, you should give him water and food every day, even if your pet seems okay for the day.

A sick or cancer patient cat needs regular attention, or we can say even more attention as compared to the healthy Cat, and make sure to take your Cat for the walk every single day in case your pet love to spend time outside as fresh air will help the Cat to feel better even if your Cat is out of water for a while. Even you can also give them a bowl of food and water every day to get the right amount of nutrition.

A cancer patient cat should have at least 2 to 3 hours of water every day than should be bath daily thoroughly.

How long can cats go without food
How long can cats go without food

For a cat suffering from cancer or sick, a bathroom is a matter of place to get a bath as through which they will get a chance of Jumping out of the tub or snacking on the floor when they are bathing. You should try to clean all the litter boxes and remove all the dead Kitty litter to remove bad smell from the house.

If your cat has been out of water for quite a long time, then you might set up a water fountain or kitty fountain for them in an area from where it is easier for them to drink water.

For cancer patient cats, you should give them a diet recommended by a vet and full of vitamins and essential minerals.

So, the question is, how long can cats go without food if they are cancer patients so? The answer to this question, according to the vet, is they can hardly go for about 1to four days without food.

But from the very first day only, you will start to witness the signs of poor health conditions, lethargy, sleeping all day and night, and even not enjoying playing their favorite game. In such time, your pet required the most care.

Can a cat go 24 hours without food?

Each time will look around; it seems like there’s a new food craze that several people have generally created, as some say that cats can’t go without food for more than an hour.

But in reality, there is very little scientific proof behind this fact, while most of the research done on this is never able to prove or disprove the fact or answer how long cats can go without food properly.

Till now, none of the research has answered whether or not cats can eat for a certain amount of time.

For instance, if you have never been curious enough to know about the exact number of hours how long cats can go without food and water, you should certainly look into it if you are a cat lover or a cart owner. Cats don’t need to survive a certain amount of time without food.

Cats can survive without food for few days, but what’s more important is to remember that their metabolism is working too. If cats do not eat food or water for several days, then. As a result, their body will become extremely malnourished, and their life span will also become shorter.

There’s no doubt that cats are very quickly and easily adaptable to their environment, and when we consider their food, they are no different. Virtually cats can eat everything or anything they can catch, ranging from corn to dust to vegetables to eggs and even garbage.

Overall, as per the findings of studies, cats do not need to starve to death as they can easily survive on the food they can catch.

Cat not eating or drinking for three days

How long can cats go without food
How long can cats go without food

If your cat is not eating or drinking for three days, then there can be several reasons behind this. The most common or very basic reason for the Cat to stop eating or drinking is an illness.

But however this is not the case always there can be something else that is affecting your Cat’s appetite, so you should monitor them closely. Even if your cat hasn’t eaten anything even for a day to continues like that the very next also, then immediately take your best feline friend to the vet because your pet requires veterinary care.

As it is always said, the sooner the reason is identified, the sooner the treatment will start. Here are some reasons why your cat is not eating or drinking for three days.

  • The very first reason that they might be suffering from dental or tooth pain, infection, or injuries which makes eating or chewing very painful for them like inflamed gums, an abscess, broken tooth, oral tumors, or any other inflammatory issues.
  • The other very possible reason is that they might have some gastrointestinal issues like parasites, colitis, gastroenteritis, or even cancer.
  • Other issues because which your Cat is not eating or drinking is kidney diseases, pancreatitis, digestive obstruction, indigestion, or constipation, or might be due to the recent vaccination or medication or even due to anxiety, stress, or depression it can cause major changes to your Cat’s routine.
  • Even if you change your cat’s food, they might not adapt to it and stop eating or drinking.
  • Their metabolism is slowing down, especially in the case of order and sick cats.
  • Or they might be outdoor cats and eat outside with your knowledge.

Conclusion for How long can cats go without food


At last, we could conclude that most cat lovers are interested in knowing How long can cats go without food, How long can a feral cat go without eating, or How long can a cat go without eating. So, the answer to all these questions is quite similar; all living beings need a regular supply of food and water to perform a function and live. Similarly, cats also need a regular supply of food and water, and if they either stop eating or drinking, then from the very first day, their health will declining, and within 3-4 days without food and water, your Cat will die.

FAQ for How long can cats go without food

How long can cats go without food

The majority of the cat owners are interested in knowing how long cats can go without food. There are many aspects to look at this question, but if we talked scientifically, then Well, like humans, cats could easily live longer without food than water.
For say, cats can live for about two weeks without eating. But if we look at a cat’s health aspect, then a cat with no food even for two days will become malnourished and unwell, and in few cases, they might even require urgent veterinary care. However, all the cats required regular food and a freshwater supply to live a healthy and happy life. All cat lovers should take proper care of their best feline friend’s diet. A balanced and well-nourished diet that is given after appropriate intervals will help their pet lead a long, healthy, prosperous life.

How long can cats go without food and water?

We all know very well that food and water are essential for every mammal. Every single day we require food and water to live to breathe. Food and water give the energy to perform activities. But most cat lovers ponder upon the question of How long can cats go without food and water? Most vets say that cats can only live up to 1 to 2 weeks without food and water, but after one day only, they will start becoming malnourished and dehydrated. Besides, that you will also find several other symptoms of bad health, which shows that they are becoming lethargic and are slowly moving towards becoming weaker and which results in their death, while for instance, if your pet themselves is not taking food and water, then you should try to check out for the reasons. In certain situations, if you cannot understand their condition, then immediately take your pet to the vet. As the vet would recommend the most suitable way, they will again start having food and water.

How long can cats go without water and food pet MD

None of the living organisms can live without food and water for a long time. The very same thing applies to the animals as well. According to several studies, research, and veteran’s advice, a cat would live around four days to two weeks without food and water. But from the very first day, their health will decline.

How long can cats go without food before liver damage?

As humans, in cats, the liver is also one of the most important organs present in their bodies. It helps them to performed several functions to stay healthy. So, some people ask How long can cats go without food before liver damage hence. As per the experts, sayings cats without food before liver damage can live up to one week. But after liver damage, it would be very difficult for a cat to live without food, even for a day. After few hours, only their health will start becoming dreadful and malnourished. Cat owners who have cats with any disease or liver damage are then required to take extra care of their pets in such a situation. You must take good care of them and give them food at proper timing and make sure they drink enough water to stay hydrated. And if you feel that they are not well, then take them to the vet immediately.

How long can cats go without food?

Every other day we find articles in the newspapers regarding cats being stuck up in the tree for quite a long period. Still, the good thing about this is that all while having lived through the ordeal and come out the other end to tell the tale through this news article, we can conclude that cats can survive at least a full day or even two full days without food. All these articles prove that cats can easily survive without food for at least a day or two or without too much access to it.

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