How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water

We all know very well that food and water are very essential for every mammal every single day we all require food and water to live in order to breathe. Food and water give the energy to perform day-to-day activities. But the majority of the cat lovers ponder upon the question that How long can cats go without food and water?

The majority of the vets say that cats can only live up to 1 to 2 weeks without food and water but after one day only they will start becoming malnourished and dehydrated. Besides, that you will also find several other symptoms of bad health which shows that they are becoming lethargic and are slowly moving towards becoming weaker and which results in their death.

While for instance, if your pet themselves is not taking food and water then you should try to check out for the reasons. In certain situations, if you are not able to understand their condition then immediately take your pet to the vet. As the vet would recommend the most suitable way through with they will again start having food and water.

How long can a lost cat survive without food

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water
How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water

Food and water are the most crucial things for any living organism. No living organism can live without these two. Any animal can easily die within 3 to 4 days if they do not find any source of water to drink. While on the other side, if there is enough water but if they don’t have access to the food then the cat may last quite long but all these things depend on the number of factors and on cats’ health and the kind of environmental conditions they are living.

There is no doubt that cats are survival specialists because of their self-sufficiency and resiliency. Hence when it comes to food or water certainly there is a limit.

Can a cat go overnight without water

However, as per scientists, a healthy cat can live between 2 to 4 days even when they have not had any water, whereas, a sick cat can survive between 12-48 hours.

How long can a kitten survive without food

Majority of the cats the survival rate usually ranges from around 1 to 4 days but kittens can hardly endure a maximum of one week of starvation.

Conditions that lead to kitten starvation

  • The mother is not around the kitten, there is a high possibility that a kitten was weaned too early from the mother all the mother die to shortly just after giving birth to the baby. In both the cases the kitten has no source of food.
  • The another thing which might lead kitten to starvation is the kitten won’t nurse there are some situations when mother is around but still there’s a possibility that kitten won’t nurse one of the major reason for this is that the mother cat rejecting a specific kitten within the litter.
  • Not able to feed, kitten having fully weaned from its litter then you should give your cat its food. Feeding daily is considered ideal since cat eat in very small portions but they required frequent serving.

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How long can a feral cat go without eating

Well, it’s a very interesting question for all the cat lovers to ponder if you want to know how long can feral cats can go without eating. Most of the people ask as they literally believe that cats should have to eat for their survival. 

People do think that feral cats should eat on a regular basis for their survival. While there is a way through which you could figure out how long can a feral cat go without eating is just simply by keenly observing their behavior. But being the cat owner one will not be able to know for sure that what’s going in their head in such a situation you have to rely on others in order to provide you with all the necessary information that will surely help you to take good care of your pet.

How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water
How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water

If you find your best feline friend to be Starving for every refusal to eat, then it’s your responsibility to take them to the way vet and find out what’s wrong.

While another method through which you can check is whether your pet would like to eat something else if it finds some food in your home. While all the cat owners know it very well that the cats usually like a taste of everything and anything. Hence, you could place a plate of food at the place from where your cat would normally eat like in the corner where you usually place their food.

Most probably the vet would answer this question like a cat usually can go without eating a quiet longer but after that, they will also tell you about the spam of time that they firmly believe that your cat would go without having food.

How long can an elderly cat go without eating

In all the cases like elderly, ill, picky, or feral a cat that doesn’t eat due to any reason might survive for as long as two weeks without food, but not without serious health consequences. A cat that goes about three days or more without eating will begin to utilize fat reserves for energy, just as a human will.

How long can a kitten go without eating before dying

If we ponder on the question, How long can a kitten go without eating before dying and tries to search its answer then we could find out that a kitten would go for 4 days without eating before dying.

Can a cat go 24 hours without food?

Till now none of the research has answered whether or not cats can eat for a certain amount of time. For instance, if you have never been enough curious to know about the exact number of hours how long can cats go without food and water, then being a cat lover or a cat owner you should certainly look into it. Cats literally don’t need to survive a literally certain amount of time without food.

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How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water
How Long Can A Cat Live Without Food And Water

Cats are quite capable of surviving without food for few days but what’s more important thing is to remember that their metabolism is working too. If cats do not eat food or water for several days then as a result their body will extremely become malnourished and their life span will also become shorter.

There’s no doubt in the fact that cats are very quickly and easily adaptable to their environment, and when we consider their food they are no different. Virtually cats can eat everything or anything they can catch ranging from corn to dust to vegetables to eggs and even to garbage. Overall, as per the findings of studies, cats do not need to starve to death as they can easily survive on the food which they can catch.

Conclusion How long can a cat live without food and water


At last, we could conclude that most cat lovers are interested in knowing How long can cats live without food and water. So, the answer to this question is quite simple, all living beings need a regular supply of food and water to perform a function and live. Similarly, cats also need a regular supply of food and water and if they either stop eating or drinking then from the very first day their health will declining and within 3-4 days without food and water your cat will die.

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FAQ How long can a cat live without food and water

How long can a cat live without food and water?

None of the living organisms can live without food and water for a long time the very same thing applies to animals as well. According to several studies, researches, and veteran’s advice, a cat would live around 4 days to two weeks without food and water. But from the very first day, their health will decline.

How long can cats go without eating

A cat can survive for about one to two weeks without food and in case they have a water supply during this period. But without protein intake, it might be more likely to be around 3 to 4 days only even if they have enough water supply. While on the other side, if we think How long can cats go without food and water then cats could not survive more than three days without food and water.

Cat no water 48 hours

Yes, cats can go 48 hours without water. But after few hours only they will start feeling lethargic and low.

How long can cats go without food?

Every other day we find articles in the newspapers regarding cats being stuck up in the tree for quite a long period of time but the good thing about this is that all while having lived through the ordeal and come out the other end to tell the tale through this news article we can come to a conclusion that cats can survive at least a full day or even two full days without food.

All these articles prove that cats can easily able to survive without food for at least a day or two or without too much access to it.

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