Best cat food for hairball prevention

Best cat food for hairball control: As we all know cats love to lick their fur as grooming. But sadly, on the other side licking can lead to the formation of hairballs. And Cats that have relatively short fur can have these balls of hair. Thus, cat owners cannot do anything regarding the licking behavior of the cats but somehow you can give them the right kind of food which helps them to manage loose Fur. While giving your cat the best cat food for hairball prevention is the right approach to manage this. Given below are some of the best cat food for hairball prevention. It is based on the personal experience of a number of cat lovers

1.Blue Buffalo Indoor hairball and weight control cat food

Key Features:
* Control hairball formulation
* Contains whole carrots, Cranberry, sweet potatoes, and parsley
* Highly enriched with antioxidants and phytonutrients

It’s one of the best dry cat food for hairball control. Though Blue buffalo indoor hairball and weight control cat food is specially formulated with higher portions of proteins and Wholesome vegetables and fruits. With the help of increased fiber from these ingredients, it helps to promote normal peristaltic movement in the cat’s gut, facilitating the removal of hairballs from its gut instead of having to regurgitate. Whereas, the added phytochemicals and antioxidants help to improve the health of both the skin and fur, so as to minimize the tendency of shedding.

2.Iams proactive health hairball care dry cat food

Key Features:
* Blend of natural fibres
* Real chicken is a source of main protein
* Added Omega 3 fatty acids and prebiotics

IAMS’s Proactive health hairball dry cat food is also the best option for cats for passing balls through the gut. The food formula comes with prebiotic and Omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for promoting healthy skin and fur. Through this you can minimize the falling hair so, cats won’t have to lick these into a ball. As the food comes with natural fibers in a natural blend which includes beet pulp along with other peristalsis increasing ingredients. It contains prebiotic and we all know that it helps in the promotion of a healthy digestive tract in cats. Whereas it also contains real chicken which helps to provide the high protein requirements for cats.

3.Hill’s science diet hairball control dry cat food

Key Features:
* The food formula is designed to manage hairball control
* Contain high protein ingredients sourced from chicken and chicken meal
* Contains Cranberries, broccoli, carrot, apples, and green peas
* Has antioxidants

Hills science is one of the popular choices for cat food. While their hairball control formulation is specially formulated for Cats which are more prone to the formation of a hairball. The food formula is quite exceptional as it uses protein from real chicken and then blends it with healthy fruits and vegetables with both dairy and insoluble fiber. All the fruits and veggies are mixed into its formulation give much-desired antioxidants for healthy skin and fur. While Hill’s science diet uses corn, wheat, or soya, in their products as well.

4.Blue Buffalo Wilderness hairball control cat food

Key Features:
* High level of protein content made from real deboned chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal, and * pea protein
* Has five strains of beneficial bacteria
* Contains no wheat, corn, Soya, or by-product meals
* Very useful for hairball control

Blue Buffalo Wilderness hairball control cat food is generally quite expensive and the Best hairball formula cat food. It is different from other brands as it has the inclusion of five strains of highly beneficial bacteria. The inclusion of probiotics in the formulation of the wilderness is nothing less than amazing as probiotics can substantially improve the health of cats’ digestive tract. This is what makes it different from other brands. While it makes it a lot easier for the cat to manage and pass the hairball down through its anus. However, the proteins included in the formulation are a combination of chicken and Turkey with the addition of pea protein.

5.Hill’s science diet hairball control canned cat food

Key Features:
* This food formula specially formulated for hairball control
* Consist of real chicken meat combined with Turkey giblets, pork liver, and pork by-products
* Contains natural vegetable fibres
* Added taurine
* Phosphorus level

For all those cat owners who want to give their cats the best nutrition as well as wants to manage the hairball issue the first choice should be hill’s science diet hairball control minced premium cat food. It is wet cat food. It’s literally a very good choice for cats who is not very fond of drinking from the bowl or pet fountain. The food formula consists of premium meats that include chicken, Turkey, and pork. It contains fiber sources from premium quality vegetables. It also has gluten from wheat, corn, and soy.

6.Feline greenies SmartBites hairball control cat treats

Key Features:
* Has real chicken protein and Wholesome grains
* Formulated for the management of hairball
* Unique fiber blend formula

You must be giving some cat food to your cat, but if you want to control the hairball then Feline Greenies smart bites hairball control cat treat is the best option for you. It can be just a treat but each treat is packed with real chicken protein and fiber from Wholesome grains. The fiber blend formulation gives your Kitty roughage in its gut to help keep the hairball efficiently. But the cat lover should keep in mind that Feline greenies smart bites are not cat food but it’s a treat or snacks for your Kitty.

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7.Purina one hairball adult formula cat food

Key Features:
* Contains very high protein content from high-quality sources like chicken and poultry
by-product meal
* The food formula is formulated for efficient management of hairballs
* It contains a blend of natural fibers

Purina one hairball adult formula cat food contains Omega 6 fatty acids which are essential for the promotion of stronger and healthy fur and skin in cats. It helps to minimize shedding which cats can lick and turn into hairballs. The food formula contains wheat, corn, and gluten. Well, the food does not have chicken protein although it has poultry by-product meals as one of its ingredients.

8.Purina pro plan savor adult canned cat food

Key Features:
* Consist of real chicken, liver, and meat by-products
* It is blended with Wholesome rice
* Has Omega essential fatty acids

The pro pan chicken and rice entrée canned wet cat food are highly beneficial for hairball control. It consists of the same omega fatty acid which helps to provide stronger and more robot fur and skin. It has real meat and blended with a variety of Wholesome ingredients like rice. While vitamins and minerals which are derived from these food ingredients are highly required to control the formation of hairballs whereas, also allows the more efficient removal through the feline gut. The food contains wheat and corn gluten.

9.Royal Canin hairball care dry cat food

Key Features:
* Specially formulated for hairball prevention
* Blend of dietary and insoluble fibers
* Contains high protein and fat

Royal Canin hairball cat food is very special as it features both insoluble fibres and dietary fibres. While insoluble fibres are required to sweep the hairball down its gut. Whereas dietary fibre is required to ensure that all the nutrients contained in it are absorbed properly. It has very significant implications in feline nutrition since it is required for healthy skin and fur. It has a high level of protein and fat content for providing necessary building blocks for the tissue of the skin and fur. Whereas Royal Canin also contains wheat and corn. Moreover, the kitties love the taste of Royal Cannon hairball care dries cat food.

10.Instinct original grain-free pate canned cat food

Key Features:
* It consists of 95% real chicken, chicken liver, and turkey recipe
* It has 5% fruits, vegetables, and other Wholesome food ingredients
* Free from gluten or grains
* It is rich and delicious pate formation

While the product doesn’t have any indication that whether it’s a good option for hairball control or not but with the help of the examination of instinct original grain-free recipe natural wet canned cat food reveals that it has the right set of ingredients which helps to address different aspects of hairballs. As the food contains 95% of the real animal proteins as we all know proteins are highly necessary for tissue structural integrity.

Whereas it also has 5% natural fibers which promote more efficient bowel movement. However, the food does not contain any grain or gluten so all these things make it a perfect choice for all the cat lovers who want to give their cats gluten and grain-free food. The combination of proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins makes it a great diet for hairball control. Cat owners can buy Instinct original grain-free pate canned cat food if they want to give Grain-free hairball control cat food to their pet.

11.Canidae grain free pure hairball control

Key Features:
* Limited ingredient diet
* Contains natural flavours and minerals
* Protein-rich

Canidae grain-free pure hairball control prepares food using real animal proteins like poultry, fish, and fresh meat in order to ensure that the cat gets all the required nutrients in order to support its growth and overall well-being. While fruits, vegetables, and digestible carbohydrates are also added so that they can control hairball. This cat food is highly beneficial for controlling the hairball issues in the cats. It is made with chicken as the main ingredients and whole foods like potatoes, Peas, and chicken peas.

This is a Limited ingredient diet which means it has a low number of ingredients so to reduce the risk of allergies. The food formula contains probiotics to ensure healthy digestion and address nutritional balance in cats. It includes other ingredients like fresh chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, potatoes, peas, chicken fat, lamb meal, and natural flavors, and other essential minerals.

12.Wellness natural hairball control cat food

Key Features:
* All-natural ingredients
* Deboned chicken as a resource of animal protein
* Has essential vitamins and minerals

Wellness natural hairball control food is high-quality all-natural cat food. The food formula is prepared with high levels of animal proteins which are required for cat proteins and other nutritional requirements. While the food formula does not contain corn, wheat, flavours, and other preservatives which might cause allergies in cats. Wellness Natural control is a unique fibre blend that helps to move hairs and hairballs through the cat’s digestive tract. It is prepared with the deboned chicken as the main ingredient to give the cat the required animal proteins with natural flavours. It also has essential vitamins and minerals in order to ensure the healthy functioning of the cat’s body organs.

13.Hill’s science adult hairball control

Key Features:
* Contains Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E
* High level of protein
* Contains all-natural ingredients

Hill science adult hairball control is the Best cat food for hairballs UK. The company offers quality pet food using locally available and imported natural ingredients. The cat food is prepared using high-quality ingredients like real chicken, lamb, or Salmon proteins in order to ensure that the cats get the right nutrients according to the requirements.

The food formula uses a natural fiber blend in order to reduce hairball formation. The formula is prepared using real chicken as the main ingredient. While other ingredients like Omega 6 fatty acids and Vitamin E are also included in the food formula. In order to ensure healthy skin and fur. While the perfect blend of antioxidants allows strengthening the immune system. It’s an ideal formula for a hairball.

14.Diamond premium recipe maintenance

Key Features:
* Packed with essential nutrients
* Contains omega fatty acids vitamins minerals
* Strengthen the immune system
* Good value for money
* It is rich in vitamin
* Has all-natural ingredients

This cat food has 30% protein 15% fat and other dietary fiber in order to Boost Your cat’s overall health. It will strengthen the immune system as well as it also contains antioxidants that help coat, hair health, and healthy skin. While there are omega fatty acids and Vitamin E which will help your cat’s coat. There is a balance of protein and fat which is moderately ideal for active cats

. Proteins are highly easily digestible to cats with sensitive stomachs. Cat owners can take this food. You can take this food to control hairball issues in the cat. It is a great pic for all cat lovers. It is packed with all the essential nutrients and easy on the pocket as well. The food contains wheat flour and corn gluten. This food formula is highly recommended by all the vet for cats with hairball issues.

15.Nutro specialized care cat food

Key Features:
* All-natural ingredients
* High protein
* Helps to control hairballs formation

Nutro food is design to solve particular health problems in cat-like weight management and hairball reduction. The main ingredient is real meat like poultry or fish. Chicken and brown rice recipe which is made with farm-raised chicken as the main ingredient and brown rice recipe. While the natural fiber blend helps to minimize hairball formation and helps to move ingested hair through the digestive tract. Thus, the combination of antioxidants like Vitamin C helps to strengthen the cat’s immune system. However, other components are vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other essential nutrients are also included.

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What to add to cat food for hairballs

There are a number of things you can add to cat food for hairball prevention like essential nutrients and vitamins, fatty acids, chicken meal, Omega 3, and Omega 6. On the other side, you should consult your vet also before adding anything new to your cat food for hairball prevention as any new ingredient can also cause allergy.

Hairball cat food side effects

Excess of anything is bad. The same is true with fibre as well. If there is too much fibre in cat food it can irritate the GI tract. While hairball control cat food is usually lower in fat than regular formulas. According to the vet, this results in indigestion or constipation. Over a long time, fibre can draw fluids into the intestine. This can cause many side effects. It affects the cat’s health in the longer term. The concentration of urine also increases it leads to cystitis and inflammation of the urinary bladder. However, cystitis is very painful and can become a serious issue.

How to give cat hairball medicine

If you need to give your cat hairball medicine then it might be in the form of a tablet, gel, or suspension. For tablets, put a pair of gloves in case your cat is not accommodating type. Then, hold the pill in one hand and pry the cat’s mouth open by squeezing her cheeks between the fingers and thumb. Tilt her head up and drop the pill in the back of a throat.

Then closed her mouth and rub her throat till she swallows the tablet. For gel, you just need to wash your hands then put the gel on your hands and carefully and gently rub the gel on your skin. In case of suspension, shake the suspension are make sure it is mixed well then fill the dropper with the liquid. Wrap a towel around your cat and let her stay in. Then quit her gently and opens her mouth slide the syringe into her mouth.

Best hairball remedy for cats

Well, nothing can be done totally to prevent hairballs in cats but there are few things that you can do to reduce hairballs or their frequency in your cat.

You should groom your cat regularly

Give your cat best cat food for hairball prevention

You can use hairball product or laxative

While you should discourage excessive grooming

How does hairball control cat food work The hairball control cat food work literally great as it helps a lot to prevent hairballs in the cat. In the market, there are a number of food formulas that help to control hairball formation in the cat.

You can take the advice of your vet before buying any formula for your cat. But do remember the taste of your cat as it might be difficult for her to change the taste instantly. This hairball cat food work to pass hairball quickly and easily. These formulas have a combination of increased fibers as well as fish oils and Omega 6 and Omega-3 acid in order to unlock the digestive tract.


Unfortunately, hairballs are fact of life for many cat owners. Well, hairball forms when your cat swallows some tiny amount of food during grooming. All these hairs either pass through the gut with feces or form a ball in the cat’s stomach, which cats usually vomited up without problems. But chronic hairball problems can indicate serval underlying health issues that every cat owner should check out with their vet. Or one way of helping to prevent the formation of hairballs is to feed your cat with the best cat food for hairball prevention


1.Are hairballs in cats dangerous?

While the hairballs are quite normal in cats. But in few cases, this can become too big for cats’ digestive tract. Hairballs cause blockage along the esophagus and they might threaten the cat’s life. If you notice your cat having breathing difficulty or is uncomfortable you should visit your vet as soon as possible.

2.What are the best cat food for hairball prevention

The best cat food for hairball prevention are Blue buffalo Indoor hairball and weight control cat food, Nutro specialized care cat food, Wellness natural hairball control, Hill’s science adult hairball control, and Canidae grain free pure hairball control.

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